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Action on COVID-19

Since March 12th, I've been working continuously to address the public health and economic issues stemming from this pandemic. Some actions I've taken include: 

  • Asked  that a "Shelter in Place" order be issued. 

  • Developed "Safe Store Guidelines" to protect consumers and employees in grocery stores and other essential businesses

  • Help people access Unemployment benefits and assist them in getting answers from the Department of Labor.

  • As Banking Chair:

    • Worked to ensure fast and fair distribution of PPP funding to small business owners.

    • Worked directly with Connecticut banks to develop policy allowing extensions on mortgage payments.

    • Passed legislation in 2019 extending the foreclosure mediation program by 4 years. This will help thousands of people stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.

    • Convened one of the first virtual hearings of the CT General Assembly

  • Facilitated donations of PPE to the state stockpile.

  • Worked with the Administration to secure more testing for Stamford and ensure full and accurate disclosure of data.

  • Monitored the situation daily at area hospitals.

  • Worked to expedite the distribution of testing materials, plasma collection and other critical resources.

  • Worked to ensure that testing is available to all communities.

  • Organized the first online food drive for Neighbor to Neighbor

  • Connected people with the resources and answers they need. 

  • Asked the Governor and legislative leaders to update CT election statutes and allow Mail-in Ballots.

  • Worked with voting rights advocates and constituents to apply pressure on leaders to call Special Session on voting. 

  • Continue to advocate for Special Session on COVID-related issues to protect people and help businesses recover quickly.

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