Vote Kasser; Life Experience Counts When Seeking Higher Office

While much of the focus in this year’s election is on Trump and Biden at the top of the Republican and Democratic tickets, our local representation is critical as well. Alex Kasser, running for re-election in District 36, is the right choice. I do not make that assessment on party lines, but after weighing the character and positions of both candidates.

In the timespan of just one term, Kasser has already become influential in Hartford, rising to the position of Chair of the Banking Committee, and serving as Deputy Majority Leader. More importantly, she has distinguished herself by thinking independently and acting in the best of interests of her constituents.

Contrary to statements made by her opponent’s campaign, she has voted against tax increases as well as voted for tax cuts.


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Connecticut: ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When, in the course of a political campaign, candidates cannot run on their own record, they may seek to address their opponent’s record. Some candidates, coming from a position of weakness and lacking a moral or ethical compass, may even engage in misinformation, falsehoods, divisive statements, and fear mongering.

Following the lead of the candidate at the top of their national ticket, some local Republicans have resorted to dirty tricks and un-truths. Lawn signs calling for all to “Vote Row B to Protect our Schools” and to “Save our Town” falsely imply that State Sens. Will Haskell and Alex Kasser and State Rep. Lucy Dathan support regionalization of schools and oppose keeping zoning a local matter. Some opinion writers supporting Republican candidates have submitted letters directly and unambiguously promoting such flagrant misrepresentation.


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CT state Sen. Kasser ‘putting forth real policy initiatives’

As a registered Republican I want to share my hope that we can find our way back to a civil discourse and respectful exchange of ideas and move away from the divisive and toxic approach of simply discrediting those who have alternative views and who are working to put forward policies and ideas that are designed with the well-being of our state and citizens at their core.

I grew up a Reagan Republican and the ideas of America as a place where opportunity would be available when strived for and believing hard work would be rewarded were the themes of optimism and determination that resonated with me and are still with me today.

Today’s politics is too often about bringing down the opposition and scoring points in the shame culture of social media. I strive to stay respectful and open-minded even when politics and policy is the topic. More...

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Opinion: Group of students ages 15-20 endorse Sen. Kasser

Alex Kasser represents the needs, interests, and values of her constituents. She has championed public education, gun safety laws, climate change and reducing student loan debt.

That is why we, students of the 36th district of Connecticut, are writing to support the re-election of Alex Kasser to the state Senate.

Sen. Kasser has been a tireless advocate for public education in Hartford. Sen. Kasser has worked hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing for more testing resources for students and teachers in public schools so that everyone can continue learning safely. Sen. Kasser is also an empathetic and understanding person, which is why she sponsored a bill to add mental health services and support for students and teachers in public schools. Sen. Kasser has taken action to ensure that deadly weapons do not end up in the hands of dangerous actors.  More...

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Re-elect CT state Sen. Alex Kasser in the upcoming election

Connecticut has the 41st worst infrastructure in the nation and needs billions to fix it. Connecticut needs a fiscally responsible plan for addressing this problem, which is exactly what State Sen. Alex Kasser proposed. In her first term in office, Alex has worked to advance bold solutions for the state and deliver tangible benefits for New Canaan.

In the Senate, Sen. Kasser introduced and passed the first State Infrastructure Bank Bill (SB70). This is the model Florida has successfully used to fund multi-billion dollar projects, including the Port of Miami Tunnel. A state Infrastructure Bank allows public funding to be multiplied 8 to 10 times with private financing, to generate the billions needed to, quite literally, build back better. It’s important to note that this financing model does not privatize public assets — it keeps ownership of roads, bridges, and rails in public control.


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Letter: Kasser has earned re-election

Some observations about state Sen. Alex Kasser, D-Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan. She speaks truth, pays attention to facts and sets a high bar for character and integrity. She supports the institutions democracy has put in place that make government work.

She voices her opinions in a demeanor demonstrating that she has done her homework and commonsense thinking. Her strong respect for law enforcement, the free press, public education, election officials and our election process is evident. She meets the need for change head-on and accepts today’s increasingly diverse population and its complexities. Examples are her efforts to make voting easier, making common sense changes to our domestic violence laws, improving equitable education funding and raising funds from out-of-state vehicles driving through Connecticut to upgrade and sustain Connecticut infrastructure. More...

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Letter: Kasser a problem-solver

State Sen. Alex Kasser, D-36 (Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan), has worked tirelessly on issues important to her district. She has shown herself to be a creative problem-solver who is willing to work across the aisle and who cares passionately about creating an environment in which business prospers and inequities are addressed.

As a commuter to New York City, I am delighted that Senator Kasser introduced bills for improvements to Talmadge Hill Train Station, to improve the New Canaan rail line with passing sidings, and to repair failing bridges and increase train speed between New Haven and NYC. She also fought for and helped to deliver school funding without budget cuts. She introduced SB72, the first Connecticut law to lower student debt and to incentivize businesses to hire Connecticut college graduates. More... 

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Kasser has stood up to the abusive and misogynistic attacks of the Connecticut GOP. That’s courage.

The word “Courage” is printed on every one of State Senator Alex Kasser’s campaign signs.  But most people probably have no idea how much courage Alex has had to muster. 

On Domestic Violence Awareness Day, Senator Kasser explained her own experience.  Ten years ago, Alex Kasser came out to her husband as gay.  He told her that if she tried to divorce him, he would take full custody of their children.  As Alex explained, she “felt powerless and terrified of losing my children.  Never ask a woman, ‘why did you stay?’  We do not choose to stay.  We think we have no choice.  I stayed for eight more years.”  

Alex continued, “When we do finally gather the strength to leave, and pursue our right to freedom, that’s when the danger increases.” Senator Kasser’s personal understanding of that danger is why she introduced “Jennifer’s Law” (SB 442). More...

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Vote to reelect CT incumbent candidates Alex, Lucy and Will

I am a longtime resident of New Canaan. My husband and I have raised our two sons here and sent them to New Canaan Public Schools.

In my opinion, our State Sens. Alex Kasser and Will Haskell, and our State Rep. Lucy Dathan deserve to be reelected next Tuesday, Nov. 3. They have worked very hard on our behalf in Hartford to fight for the issues we care about. For me that includes access to health care, especially during the time of the pandemic.

Alex, Lucy and Will have collaborated with our governor to make Connecticut one of the safest states in the country. They also have supported infrastructure projects to rebuild Connecticut and to revitalize its economy.

The past nine months, we have seen a robust market in New Canaan, in part thanks to our state’s leadership during this crisis in keeping CT safe and locally in following the state guidelines. Each of these candidates has been endorsed by the CT Board of Realtors. 


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Senator Kasser is an Intelligent, Non-Partisan Problem Solver

When I first met Alex Kasser in 2018 I saw a daring, shall I say, courageous, challenger for a state Senate seat that no Democrat had won in 84 years. We hosted a meet and greet at our home which attracted a diverse group of Greenwich residents from both parties.  The group witnessed an intelligent, non-partisan problem solver and what they saw they liked.  So did the majority of other voters that year and Alex of course went on to win a landmark race.

Fast forward to today’s re-election contest and you will see a candidate who delivered as promised.  Alex was one of the earliest legislators to recognize the seriousness of the COVID crisis, issuing policy recommendations that helped keep the infection rate in Connecticut under control.  As a fighter on the economic front,  Alex initiated legislation to repeal the estate and gift tax.  More...

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LETTER: Four Reasons to Re-Elect Senator Alex Kasser

1.  Alex Kasser sponsored the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) bill in 2019 to protect employees, especially the 50% of low-income workers, who do not have access to compensated family leave. She recognizes the importance of having time with a newborn or the flexibility to care for an ill parent, without having to worry about missed wages. Ryan Fazio wrote, in the middle of the pandemic, that he would get rid of the paid family leave program (and the planned $15 minimum wage too). 

2.     Alex Kasser has been endorsed by Moms Demand Action and Connecticut Against Gun Violence for her commitment to reduce gun violence. She understands that gun violence is a multifactorial problem that needs to be approached with evidence and honesty. More...

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Opinion: Democratic party leaders in 36th district applaud incumbent Kasser

Two years ago, state Sen. Alex Kasser became the first Democrat since 1930 and first female ever to represent Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan as state senator from the 36th district. During her time in the legislature, Alex has proven to be the pragmatic problem-solver, independent thinker, and bold leader she promised to be. We worked hard to elect her then and we are committed to re-electing Senator Kasser this November.

Now more than ever, we need leaders who will give voice to the values we hold dear and address the critical issues we face as a state. From day one, Alex’s approach to public service has been rooted in working collaboratively to craft policies and solutions that benefit our communities. She understands that effective and fair public policy comes from paying attention to facts and science. More...

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Opinion: It’s time to fix domestic violence law in CT

On March 12, two events coincided: The Connecticut General Assembly suspended its legislative session due to COVID-19 and the Hon. Michael A. Albis, chief administrative judge for family matters in the Connecticut Judicial Branch, published an op-ed supporting the key concept of state Sen. Alex Kasser’s Domestic Violence bill.

The groundbreaking bill, SB442, was researched, written and introduced by Kasser, whose district includes New Canaan, where Jennifer Dulos lived. “Jennifer’s Law” was introduced by Kasser to prevent tragedies such as the murder of Jennifer Dulos and other Connecticut domestic violence victims involved in family court proceedings, including Aaden Moreno in 2015 and Jennifer Magnano in 2007. More...

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Kasser has built remarkable record in her CT district

I am writing in support of Alex Kasser’s campaign for state senator. In her first term she has built a remarkable record. Recognizing that she represents everyone, of both parties in her district, she has introduced and supported legislation that represents the best and most innovative ideas. Partisanship has no place in her approach to her job. Alex is exactly the kind of state senator we need. She brings energy and ideas to her job that speak to the needs of all of her constituents.

The assumption that as a Democrat, Alex’s fiscal policy would be to raise taxes is refuted by the fact that she voted against raising taxes. And she introduced a bill to eliminate the estate and gift tax entirely. She believes in supporting small businesses and was able to lower certain business taxes to create a more robust economy and new job opportunities. 


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‘Reelecting Sen. Kasser will help save our state, country’

Recently, signs in New Canaan tell voters to “protect our schools” by voting “Row B.” In fact, the opposite is true. Republicans accuse our senator, Alex Kasser, of supporting regionalization and ending local control over housing. Those are lies. State Sen. Alex Kasser spoke out against forced school regionalization the day it was announced. She issued a public statement and notified her caucus leaders that she strongly opposed it. Because she is a respected member of her party, her caucus leaders listened. The bill was not brought to a vote because Sen. Kasser helped kill the bill. No Republican would have had that influence or impact.

Republicans also inflame voters by saying the state wants to seize control of our zoning and ban single-family homes. Another example of partisan hysteria and fearmongering. “Desegregate CT” is led by Sarah Bronin, who is a housing activist but not a legislator. 


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Giving Thanks for CT Rep. Dathan and Sens Haskell, Kasser

November is upon us and while focus of state and national news is on the Election, perhaps the most important part of November is in Giving Thanks.

Just two years ago, voters were ready for change and elected three new, bright and energized individuals and overturned status quo positions historically held for decades.

Today, Senators Alex Kasser and Will Haskell and Representative Lucy Dathan continue to inspire us in making a difference in our Connecticut General Assembly by strongly supporting fiscal responsibility, school safety, gun violence prevention, transportation modernization, affordable healthcare and voting rights.

They have been steadfast in their support for issues important to our community - like local control of our schools - even if it means going against other legislators within their own party.


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Opinion: Kasser defends Democracy in time of Trump

Donald Trump blocked USPS funding to obstruct mail-in voting this November. That was an act of voter suppression, plain and simple. He was watching his poll numbers fall, and the thought of losing moved him to make it far more difficult for people to vote, to undermine our democracy.

He has not only caused damage through opposing funding for our postal service, but also by sowing seeds of doubt about the overall integrity of our electoral system through baseless rhetoric. In bringing so many people to question the validity of the outcome of this upcoming election, before it will actually occur, he is laying the groundwork to delegitimize the election if he loses this November. This dual strategy of physical and psychological manipulation makes it so that if his efforts to quash participation fail to lead him to victory, he can simply deem the results themselves to be invalid.


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Opinion: Fazio making false statements about Kasser

Though state Senator Alex Kasser’s opponent claims he’s running a campaign “on the issues,” he restates and reiterates countless false and misleading statements and personal attacks against Kasser that are promoted and funded by the Connecticut GOP. We recognize what this is — a campaign of disinformation — and we will not tolerate it in Connecticut. Let’s look at some of the issues.

Any suggestion that Alex supported forced school regionalization is a lie. She was one of the major opponents to this policy from the moment it was introduced. As a member of the majority party in Hartford, she had a strong voice in halting this legislation that would negatively impact her constituents. If she’d been in the minority party, Democrats would not have listened to her opposition and may have proceeded with a regionalization policy. Alex stood up to the leaders of her party on this issue, and won. More...

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Vote for State Senator Alex Kasser: The Hero You Want to Meet

In 2018, I remember seeing the headline — a woman had won the State Senate seat for the 36th District in Connecticut. Needless to say, I was intrigued and decided to read more.

In the moment that followed, Alex became my hero.

I fell into a vortex of content, and the story of a campaign fueled by grit and gumption unfolded that captured both my attention and my admiration — and it still hasn’t let them go.

Before having any inclination to run for office, she promoted gender equality in the workplace as Co-founder of the Parity Partnership and stood up to protect children from exposure to harmful toxins as Director of Greening our Children.

And that commitment to her community carried into her campaign, during which she boldly championed gun safety laws and women’s health. More...

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Letter: Still enthusiastic about Alex Kasser

I voted for Alex Kasser in 2018 because I believed she was smart, motivated and willing to speak truth to power. And, as a Stamford resident of District 36 (which is shared with Greenwich and New Canaan), I was excited to support a candidate who took a genuine interest in what was important to the Stamford portion of her constituency. It was a refreshing change.

Now, in 2020, I am enthusiastically voting for Alex again.

During her first term as state senator, Alex has worked tirelessly on behalf of her constituents, fighting to protect our interests and improve our lives. She has introduced or co-sponsored bill after bill to protect voting rights, improve our infrastructure, save our environment, protect our health, fund our schools, protect women’s rights, reduce student loan debt, and grow our economy. More... 

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