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Sen. Alex Kasser (opinion): What courage looks like

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and there is an undeniable parallel between the culture of bullying and domination playing out in American politics and the culture of bullying and domination some women experience at home. It’s important to recognize these forces of power and control in all aspects of our lives so we can free ourselves and others. It takes courage to fight for freedom, but fight we must.

Jennifer Dulos was my constituent and like many other women, of every race and from every ZIP Code, her life was destroyed by an abusive husband. All she wanted was freedom. But by daring to leave him, she risked her own life and paid the ultimate price.

If our society evolved, we could prevent such tragedies because abuse is recognizable long before it becomes violent.  More... 

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Domestic Violence Awareness Day Marked by Renewed Push for “Jennifer’s Law”

Her friend Carrie Luft urged the Connecticut state legislature to pass the bill. 

“Jennifer Farber Dulos would never have wanted to be in the public eye or for her tragedy to be in any way elevated above that of others,” Luft said. “But she would have wanted to do everything in her power to help others in abusive situations to live free from fear.”

State Senator Alex Kasser from the 36th district representing Greenwich and parts of Stamford and New Canaan, proposed “Jennifer’s Law” last winter, but a hearing on the proposed legislation was delayed because of the pandemic. Kasser committed to bringing it forward again during the press conference. “Coercive control can be psychological – isolation, intimidation and
gaslighting,” Kasser said. More... 

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Opinion: Storm can be catalyst for true change to CT infrastructure

A global pandemic. A crashing of the electrical grid. People unable to leave their homes with trees blocking driveways, live wires dangling perilously across roads. Towns without power for more than a week. Others with power but no internet or phone service. Some homes without running water and supplies running low. High heat and no air-conditioning. Elderly isolated at home. This is not a science fiction movie. It’s our new reality.

The aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias, just like the COVID pandemic, exposed the longstanding fragility and failures of our infrastructure systems. Infrastructure is not just our roads and rails, about which I’ve written extensively. It is also the systems that supply our power, water and connectivity. More... 

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Officials: CVS’ expanded coronavirus testing leaves out Bridgeport, Stamford, other hot spots

While CVS opened COVID-19 testing sites around the state, the pharmacy giant has, so far, passed over Stamford and Bridgeport, despite their high infection rates.

Stamford’s mayor’s office Monday claimed CVS will open two COVID-19 testing locations at stores in that municipality, where diagnoses topped 3,000 late last week. But the company declined to confirm that.

CVS similarly would not say whether it would eventually set up in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest city, where there were 2,831 coronavirus cases as of Monday and where the company has three stores.

“I don’t know what’s going on with CVS,” Mayor Joe Ganim admitted. More...

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Pointing to Dulos case, state Sen. Alex Bergstein announces new legislation to expand legal definition of domestic violence

Following Tuesday’s arrest of Fotis Dulos for the murder of his wife Jennifer Farber Dulos, state Sen. Alex Bergstein, D-Greenwich, announced Friday plans for legislation intended to redefine how cases of domestic violence and abuse are handled in Connecticut family court.

The bill seeks to expand the statutory definition of domestic violence or abuse to account for a person’s history of “coercive, controlling behavior," Bergstein said. Among physical violence or sexual assault, coercive behaviors include financial, emotional, and psychological abuse. More...

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Alex Kasser (opinion): Dems’ proposals ‘modest and short-sighted’

Senate Democrats recently unveiled their caucus priorities at a series of press events in Hartford. These priorities were determined primarily by the caucus leader, Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney. While I agree with many of the proposals, I did not attend these press events because I think the agenda fails to address the biggest issues facing our state and country.

In my opinion, the Senate Democrats’ agenda does not adequately address urgent issues for Connecticut such as: attracting businesses and creating jobs, fixing our crumbling infrastructure and reversing the exodus of taxpayers. Nor does it adequately address the top priorities for our country which include mitigating unsustainable health care costs (more)...

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Sen Kasser (opinion): Separating fact from fiction on issues

I ran for office in 2018 to address the biggest challenges facing our state. As a first-term state senator, I introduced dozens of bills on issues ranging from taxes and transportation to environment and education. I stood up to both parties with data-driven solutions that grow our economy and advance our rights. Now, in 2020, I’m running for all the same reasons and more.

Building back from a pandemic is now our biggest challenge — but our state is on course to recover stronger than before. My opponent and the Connecticut Republican party are using disinformation to discredit Democrats in general and me in particular. But their negative narrative only reflects how effective we’ve been in leading the state and how effective I’ve been in the legislature.


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Sen. Alex Kasser (opinion): Why is voter suppression tolerated in CT?

In a healthy democracy, voting is a fundamental right and is safe, easy and accessible to all citizens. No one fought harder for voting rights than John Lewis.

But when Republican politicians express admiration for Congressman Lewis, their words ring hollow because their party OPPOSES what he dedicated his life to — voting rights.

Our Democracy is in crisis and voting rights are under attack here in Connecticut.

Did you know our state has some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country? We are in the same league as Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina which also prohibit both Early Voting and No-Excuse vote by mail. More... 

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State Senator Kasser Supports Proposed 'Take Back Our Grid' Legislation

A release from Senate Democrats outlined proposed “Take Back Our Grid” legislation, which reflects a new approach to utilities.

Senate Democrats said that for decades, every major storm or weather event in Connecticut has produced widespread and prolonged power outages, and that after each storm passes, utility companies claim to have learned their lesson, but their performance continues to disappoint. “It’s time to demand better,” they said. 

On Tuesday State Senator Alex Kasser (D-Greenwich) announced her support for the “Take Back Our Grid Act,” More...

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Safer Supermarket Shopping Practices Are Expanding in CT

On Thursday Greenwich Police shared a list of safer shopping practices in food stores in Connecticut where safety measures have been beefed up in recent days.

“GPD has been monitoring all the food stores in the Town. So far, nothing of any concern has been noted or reported,” Police said in an email Thursday morning.

The list of practices was compiled by State Senator Alex Kasser and includes the installation of plexiglass guards (aka sneeze guards) between customers and cashiers. Other practices include enhanced online ordering and delivery, closed deli counters to limit congregating, closed seating areas and in-store cafes, and stickers on the floor to indicate a six ft distance. More...

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Kasser: Adding tolls would cut traffic on I-95

GREENWICH — Improving transportation infrastructure, developing targeted career education initiatives and bettering conditions for existing businesses are the keys to growing Connecticut’s economy, according to Greenwich resident and PepsiCo Chair Indra Nooyi.

A packed crowd gathered for a community conversation focused on the state’s economic growth with Nooyi and state Sen. Alexandra Bergstein (D-36) at the Greenwich Library Cole Auditorium on Thursday night.

A freshman senator, Bergstein started the discussion by asking Nooyi what businesses look for when considering a move to a new state. More...

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Sen. Alex Bergstein has changed her name: She is now Sen. Alex Mochary Kasser

State Sen. Alex Bergstein has changed her name. The Democrat from Greenwich will now be known as Alex Mochary Kasser.

The new name honors her parents by knitting together their last names. It also reflects a desire to shed the name of her husband, whom she is divorcing.

Kasser said she views changing her name as an action she could take toward her independence. More...

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Advocates call for stronger domestic violence measures in Greenwich

Coercive control includes actions by taken by an abuser to make a victim feel fearful, dependent, submissive or powerless, Kasser said.

It can involve psychological abuse, isolation, intimidation or economic abuse, by withholding access money or health care, she said. There is also legal abuse, when an abuser repeatedly files unnecessary court documents, forcing a victim to return over and over again to court, Kasser said.

When a victim of domestic abuse gathers the strength to leave, the level of danger increases, according to advocates.

Jennifer’s Law “and other legislation like it is a critical step toward a larger shift,” Luft said.


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Senator Kasser Endorsed for Re-Election by CT Realtors Trade Association

Breaking with tradition, CT Realtors (CTR), the largest professional trade association in Connecticut, has endorsed State Senator Alex Kasser for re-election for State Senator in District 36.

CTR has historically endorsed the Republican candidate in this Senate district. 

“I am honored to receive their vote of confidence and to continue to work closely with CTR to create the conditions for a strong real estate market,” Senator Kasser in a release. “For most people, their home is their main investment and to ensure that home values increase over time, we need people to move to Connecticut, not just temporarily during the pandemic, but permanently.”


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Kasser : Connecticut should adopt shelter-in-place for 14 days.

GREENWICH — State Sen. Alex Kasser, D-36, said she has recommended to Gov. Ned Lamont that he institute the shelter-in-place policies that have been implemented in San Francisco to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

Kasser said the order would call for Connecticut residents to essentially remain at home for 14 days. There would be exemptions, including for those working for essential businesses and essential government functions.

“I think the sooner we do it, the more likely we are to mitigate the public health crisis and also mitigate the economic crisis that may result,” Kasser said More...

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State Sen. Alex Kasser: Rebuilding Connecticut’s infrastructure

Connecticut can only realize its full economic potential when we upgrade our infrastructure to 21st century standards using 21st century financing. Fast, reliable trains and highways are essential to a thriving economy and Connecticut is crippled by having neither. As Gov. Ned Lamont and his economic chiefs court Amazon and other companies, the rest of us should be asking: what are we doing to help? While both parties claim to be “pro-business” the truth is more complex. Slow trains and congested highways are costing us billions. More...

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Opinion : New Canaan: Full-price (taxes) vs. half-price (tolls)

Editor, Advertiser:

For the last 20 years, Connecticut has relied exclusively on taxation to fund infrastructure and the results have been disastrous — slower trains, more traffic on the highways, antiquated technology and businesses and residents moving out rather than into our state. Slower commute times compounded with these other effects are slowly killing not only our real estate market but many other industries in Connecticut. Failing infrastructure, and the failure to fix it, is the biggest obstacle to growing our state’s economy.

This week, I proposed a new “passing siding” for the New Canaan train to the Transportation Committee chairs in Hartford. More...

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Alex Kasser Earns Nomination at 2020 Democratic 36th District State Senate Convention

On Tuesday evening, at the 2020 Democratic 36th District State Senate Nominating Convention, Senator Alex Kasser earned the Democratic endorsement to seek re-election to represent Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan in the State Senate.

“If we learn one lesson from the COVID crisis, I hope it’s this: we are all connected and can determine our collective future,” said Kasser in a release. “If we want a government that’s prepared and principled, we have to be that government. If we want a democracy that’s fair and factual, we have to be that democracy. And if we want a future that’s safe and secure, we have to be that future. This is our responsibility and our work.” More...

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