• Alex Bergstein

Reproductive Freedom is Fiscally Responsible

If you believe in the principles of fiscal responsibility and reproductive freedom – you must be feeling as anxious as I am. With Justice Kennedy being replaced by Brett Kavanaugh (assuming he’s confirmed), the Supreme Court decision in Roe. Wade will almost certainly be reversed. Women’s right to control their fertility, family planning and participation in the workforce could be erased. Losing these rights at the federal level shifts responsibility to the states, which is why state legislative elections are now critical.

Regardless of one’s personal views on abortion, rolling back women’s reproductive rights poses a tremendous burden on taxpayers. From an economic perspective, anti-choice policy costs billions of dollars in healthcare expenses, lost productivity and social welfare. These costs are entirely preventable with policy that reflects what the majority of Americans want – the freedom to plan when they have children. The Republican Party, once embraced reproductive choice, but they have now affirmatively abandoned that principle. The party is now pursuing an anti-choice policy that is fiscally negligent.

A few days before Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, an organization led by brave Republican women, called “Republican Majority for Choice” closed its doors after 30 years of trying to correct their party’s position. Their final statement read: “True fiscal conservatives should embrace family planning because it reduces poverty, increases educational attainment and work force competitiveness, improves health and provides people the opportunity to make educated moral choices. We incorrectly assumed that our fellow fiscal conservatives would join us in applauding the reduction in the number of unintended pregnancies, which saved taxpayers billions of dollars spent on the welfare state.”

On the campaign trail I’ve met many voters, particularly women, who feel politically homeless. They can no longer in good conscience identify as Republicans because of the extreme positions (such as anti-choice) that party has taken. Yet they do not identify as Democrats. I understand their quandary. My response is: Let’s join together and lead our country out from this political/economic/moral morass. If we stay focused on fiscal responsibility, and defend our core principles, rather than our parties, we can move this country forward with conviction and clarity.

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