Growing our Economy

Restoring fiscal discipline and growing our economy are my top priorities. Here is my step-by-step plan to attract businesses to Connecticut, lower taxes, and generate new sources of revenue to make our state thrive for decades. 

Real Solutions for Economic Growth

CT is in a fiscal crisis. The state will soon spend more than 1/3 of its revenues on fixed

costs (pensions and debt service), which crowd out important investments we should be making in other areas like Education and Infrastructure. To balance the budget, I would: 

  • Restructure the Pension System to a "shared risk" plan Read my Bloomberg article

  • Lower Taxes and Eliminate the Estate and Gift Tax

  • Transform our Infrastructure Read my article.

  • Leverage Public-Private Partnerships to maximize education-employment pipeline

  • Support local and small businesses and promote thriving downtown districts


Creating a robust and resilient economy is my #1 priority, and I will always defend our democratic rights and values. I have a long track record of advocating for the public interest  and as State Senator, I will continue to be a champion of: 

  • Environment and clean energy

  • Gun safety and public safety

  • Children’s health and wellness

  • Women’s rights and reproductive choice

  • Gender equality: Equal Pay for equal work

  • LGBTQ rights and Marriage Equality

  • Democracy: voter rights and clean elections

  • Accountability in government: state and federal!

For more detail, click here.

I promise to advance principles and real solutions, not partisanship or rhetoric. I promise to bring positive change to Connecticut and build a thriving state that attracts businesses and people of all ages.  I believe that optimism coupled with hard work will deliver results. 

Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to serve as your State Senator. If you believe, as I do, that we can achieve both economic prosperity and social progress, let's make that our reality. Together, we can create the future we want! 

- Alex

Defending our Rights & Values

My Promise to You

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